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Kenshin Gumi!

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Jun. 22nd, 2004 @ 07:01 pm
Tomoe had continued with her walk, somewhat hurt that Kenshin wasn't following after her. So she wasn't wanted in his life, so be it. This flower from the past would flutter across his path once more. So now... there was only one person left for this wandering woman to find...

Her own brother.
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Jun. 21st, 2004 @ 01:01 am
Yukishiro Enishi wasn’t too far away, perhaps even being almost unnervingly close to the Kamiya Dojo. Rumors were always nice, always a quiet blessing in disguise for one so reserved. It was a secret desperation that let the white-haired revenge seeker to Tokyo; revenge from long ago had not yet been fulfilled. His appetite for such vengeance had yet to be sated. It couldn’t be.

An index finger nestled against the nosepiece of his sunglasses, adjusting them in such a way that they wouldn’t slip again, but they also neglected to shade his ice-cold turquoise stare. The Akabeko was a delightful little restaurant, somewhere where he could relax for a short time and not be bothered. It was perfect.

As he quietly devoured his noodles, he couldn’t help but allow his thoughts to linger on Himura, on his revenge and on how he planned to achieve that revenge.

Almost there, Battousai, almost..
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Jun. 11th, 2004 @ 12:22 pm
Soujiro stayed and watched this......smiling as always but behind his smile was utter confusion. This woman....Tomoe......she said Kenshin thought she was dead? He wondered how this all came to be....perhaps something in Kenshin's past he figured. From his position he glanced over in Kaoru's direction......'Aa.....she must be confused as well.....' he thought to himself. 'Hm.....seems Mr. Himura certainly has his hands full......' He was still plotting to go over and make his presence known........but with Tomoe beating him to the punch he wondered if it would be best to.......for one Kaoru didn't know him......and would Kenshin think he might still have a trace of evil in him? Even he didn't know......he'd always be Tenken no Soujiro....there was no hiding that. He stood a bit shakily, having been hidden in the bushes for so long. Dusting himself off, he casually approached Kenshin.

"Aa.....Mr. Himura.....seems like you've got your hands full ne?"

He nodded a bit to Kaoru, still smiling as he had done in his battle with Kenshin........

May. 22nd, 2004 @ 06:53 pm
Tomoe didn't know whether to feel hostility or not, considering Kaoru was now involved. Whoever that may be. Kneeling before Kenshin, she tried to comfort him with a smile. " I know.... this must be a shock..." She began, not knowing what she could say. She was dead, as far as anyone could be concerned. "I'm not a ghost..." Reaching her arm out to touch his shoulder, gently, brushing her fingers against the cloth. "I'm not dead." She said, blunt as could be. "I woke up. surrounded by flames and dragged myself out of..." She stopped, closing her eyes.

Painful memories. Why did she come here? She knew Kenshin must have moved on, showing herself to him was only going to cause grief and many uneasy feelings. Especially with this ...Kaoru-figure. All she knew she wanted now was her brother, the only person she knew she could have. Would his reaction be the same? Would he be frightened to see her?

Or would he actually be the one person to be glad she was alive? Opening her eyelids, she casted a look upon Kenshin, coming to the realization she should have saw so many years ago.

She was no longer a vital part of his life. He was the one who had his back to their home, walking away as she laid there, sobbing. As far as he knew, Yukishiro Tomoe had been dead.

And as for now... she may as well remain dead. Giving a solemn nod, she pushed her arms to the floor, lifting her form back up fully. Standing in front of him, her eyes remained emotionless. She wouldn't let him know how she felt. She didn't know exactly how she felt herself. She knew one thing - the one thing that shrouded her mind - and that was her brother. She needed someone, and he would be all she could have now.

"It was a mistake for me to show myself to you - still think of me as dead." She bite her lip, trying to refrain from her innermost thoughts. As you will be to me.. She gave a nod to the woman in the background, turning on her heels. "You can follow and ask questions if you like. Judging from your current condition, I doubt I matter much to bother with that." Her deliciously-cruel words tapered to Kenshin, walking out of the door and heading back towards the same path she came.

If he chose to follow and ask, maybe there would still be hope...

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May. 19th, 2004 @ 07:31 pm
Kenshin is acting a bit weird.

When he woke me up this morning there was a knock at the gate so he went and answered it.

I went to go follow him to see who it was, when i went over there he had almost fainted (or at least it looked like he had)

There was a woman at the gate, he was mumbling something about her name being Tomoe

Isnt Tomoe his ex-wife and isnt she dead?

Im confused now...

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Other entries
» Moving On....
*Soujiro's log*

^_^ I have left the onsen Mr. Tsunan invited me to a couple days ago. I am now in search of Mr. Himura......I had heard he couldn't find his woman and had thought something bad happened to her.....

It's been a while since I really stopped to look at the sakura trees and notice birds singing. The only time I had paid any mind was when I was killing someone......

I look down seeing footprints......

"So Mr. Himura has been here......"

I'll follow these footprints and pay him a visit. I should go over any questions he might ask me, one in particular keeps nagging me some

What would I do if somehow Mr. Shishio returned?

Honestly I really don't know. ^_^ He wouldn't be too pleased that I let my emotions return I know that. I still believe in him though, he was the one who raised me after I killed my family....

Eventually I near the dojo......the one his woman owns. It's very nice indeed....for some reason Mr. Himura is on the floor ^_^; and there's another woman in the doorway...

Quite an interesting day indeed....^_^
» This is just a nightmare, right?
Kenshin laid on the floor in a complete daze. He could hear the woman's words and he understood them, but his head was spinning and he thought that maybe the world was ending,

**It has to be ending or my dead wife, the woman I killed with my own two hands, would not be standing on the front steps of Kaoru's dojo, saying she has been searching for me. Tomoe is dead. DEAD. I Killed her, I burned her. She should not be standing here.

Am I dead?? Has she come to bring me to the underworld?

Where is Kaoru?? I thought I heard her just a moment ago. She'll know what to do... she'll know. I need her... Kaoru... KAORU!!!**

Kenshin had stopped "Oro"ing, straighten himself so he was sitting against the wall, rocking back and forth slowly with his eyes shut tight, and was mumbling softly, so softly you have to strain to hear his words...

This isn't real, I'm having a nightmare. This isn't real. Kaoru... Kaoru... Where are you??
» Been a long time
She arched a brow at Kenshins' response, when he had opened the door. What was she expecting? A hug? A kiss? A "What the Hell just happened here?" ? Whatever response the woman had been hoping to achieve dispersed in thin air whenever Kenshin hit the ground.

He surely had changed - Tomoe noted to herself. He seemed more cheerful, and much more of a .... moron. She shifted umcomfortably in her kimono, not once releasing her gaze on him. She couldn't help but give a small smile - something someone could kill for just to see. "Are you okay?" Her voice still as gloom, despite the look she gave.

"I have been searching for you for the longest time..." Straightening herself, the smile fading back into seclusion. "Ever since I woke up and saw you walking away... I had to follow you." Her eyes shifted to the side, showing her emotional pain, the burden of losing him long ago. "I fell behind, but I kept trying to find you. And now...." Her voice trailed off, her eyes resting back on his own.

» Morning
Kenshin opens his eyes and pulls himself off of the floor, stretching his body as he stands. He replaces his sword at his waist and begins the morning chores.

After he finishes breakfast and has the table set, he softly walks to Kaoru's room to wake her, and knocks on the door.

Kaoru-dono... Breakfast is ready, that is it. As soon as you are ready to go we will leave for the onsen, that we will.

**I'll apologize when she comes out of her room** There is a knock on the door. **Who could that be this earlier in the morning. It's probably Saito, he did express some worry when I couldn't find Kaoru**

Kenshin makes his way to the door, pushing his bangs out of his eyes. He begins to slide the door open...

Ohayo, de gozaru... How can I....

Kenshin's voice drops off, in the background you can hear Kaoru's footsteps coming toward him. Kenshin takes another very long look at the woman standing before him, then collapses onto the floor...


» The Meeting
She had arrived to where the rumors led her, flowing along with the wind of whispered words. Standing far away from the tiny dojo, her eyes scanned the scene. Why did he stay here?...

It took every bit of self-control she had to turn on her heels and walk up to the dojo doorstep. She shifted her gaze downwards, to see the small dagger hanging between the folds of her outfit. Just in case things got out of hand... Which she highly doubted.

Lifting up her arm, her fingers curled up, exposing her knuckles, she rapped sharply against the door. She took a deep breath of air, trying to soothe her nervous mind.

Years of searching.... and here I am...

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