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Kenshin Gumi!

Kenshin Gumi
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"I" means one of the maintainers, currently:
Stephi -email- sjcarpediem
Isis -email- akuneko42

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This is the RPG community for Kenshin Gumi, a group based on the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin. That means that LJ users such as yourself have made accounts in the names of chars and write as those chars--only RP users are granted posting permissions, and out-of-char posts must be identified as such (OOC) and are **strongly discouraged** [and should only be made to inform other players of your absence, generally]. Its not a fancomm although all the players are fans and I can't imagine you being here if you weren't a fan.

If you're interested contact me about having a char or wtvr. If you *know* you want a char but don't have the hour or so it'll take to get a journal, design, icons, etc all up and running -right- -this- -minute- contact me and I'll hold that char for you--but only for about a week! Inactivity is frowned upon.

YOU CAN ONLY POST HERE IF I GIVE YOU THAT PERMISSON, although anybody can join, and you're free to watch as much as you like. Anybody can comment. And, you *can* play more than one role (but not duplicate chars, pls)...

A handy checklist describing what to do to get started.

If you're considering joining in the game, here are some guidelines (I'll add as need becomes apparent):

  • kenshingumi is not limited to members of Kenshin's inner circle--you can take an antagonist's role and you'll be welcomed here as an antagonist (e.g.: if you want to be, say, Shishio Makoto, that's fine). Hell, you can even play a technically deceased char, as long as it meets the following requirement, also:

  • You must be a char in either of the OAV/OVAs, any of the 95eps of the TV series, or in the manga. That is to say, you must be a char from the Rurouni Kenshin theme (no Pokemons). If you want to play a char from another series, find another RPGcomm. [This is the only approval your char needs: verification that s/he/it exists in the series. If there is any doubt *you* are the one who has to proove your char is in the "theme", I don't have to disproove it.]

  • Uhhh... With that said, there won't be a Yukishiro Tomoe. This is taking place somewhere after the TV series but before Seisouhen (on the Kenshin Video Media Timeline :-P ) although it doesn't necessarily follow the manga, and while its pretty easy to have old enemies wandering around doing their thing, b/c of the nature of Tomoe and Kenshin and Kaoru's relationships, it just doesn't work to have a Tomoe. Plus, her death is basically the trigger for Kenshin's becoming a rurouni (which esssentially is the cause of his current world/life-view); explaining that w/o Tomoe dying gets much more sticky than this casual RPG should ever accommodate [not to mention explaining Yukishiro Enishi's fury]. HOWEVER; if you have a scenario that would allow Tomoe w/o totally messing up the story, I'll consider it.

  • Preferred language is English, although Engrish and Romanji are acceptable on a limited basis. This group *is* international but a good portion of us are lazy anglophones or at least don't speak enough other languages to guarantee you'll be understood, forgive us.

  • Yaori and slash are not exactly appropriate in the community and will be removed if deemed "too explicit"; what your char does in his/her/its own journal, though, is up to them/it.

  • Its a good idea to post at least a test entry in your char's LJ to facilitate contacting you.

  • We mangle time, here. Chars write in period, out of period, btwn periods, inter-period, and every other which-way.

Some Chars (claimed ones are stricken w/the corresponding journal linked after)(I'll add more later --THIS LIST IS PARTIAL & UNORDERED--):

Kaoru raccoon_girl
Kenshin himurabattousai
Yahiko myojin_yahiko
Megumi takani_megumi RESIGNED
Sanosuke sagara_sanosuke
Aoshi oniwabanaoshi (INACTIVE)
Suzume/Ayame ayame_suzume RESIGNED
Saitoh saito_hajime
Hiko hiko_seijurou (INACTIVE)
Yutaro yutaro_thirteen (INACTIVE)
Seta Soujiro sou_chan_tenken
Shishio Makoto shishio_makoto
Tae miss_tae
Hitokiri Gazuke
Yamagata Aritomo
"Boss" Sagara
Udoh Jinei
Yukishiro Enishi yukishiroenishi
Takeda Kanryu
Honjou honjou_kamatari
Lord Raikou
Tsunan sekeihoutai4evr
Jinpuu Tai
Misao oniwaban_misao (INACTIVE)
that dog Sano finds
yukishiro Tomoe rain_blood **where there's a will, there's a way

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