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Getting closer..... May. 11th, 2004 @ 09:20 pm
*Hashi's log*

Meh. This is a tad tiring and confusing trying to find Sou-chan. I get lost easily! I hope wherever he is that he's okay and not getting himself into trouble....

There looks like a disturbance here at the site....I should check it out. Maybe I can help in the meantime...

*walks over to the site where Sano and Yahiko are*

Hi! You guys look like you could use some help. ^_^ Mind if I join you?
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Thoughts While Cooking May. 11th, 2004 @ 12:16 am
Kenshin returns to the dojo, Kaoru trailing behind silently. He goes straight into the kitchen and begins to make a late dinner. He begins to think (not outloud)

**I will not yell at Kaoru-dono again. (( See that here )) I am happy she is home, in fact I am relieved that she is not dead. But she made me soo upset! How dare she come home after being gone for days and not care! **

The radish Kenshin had been cutting up suffered much rath.

** She tells me to not treat her like a child, but I'm not trying to do that. I'm trying to keep her safe. Doesn't she realize that if she dies, I'll be lost... **

Kenshin finished dinner quickly and brought it to Kaoru. He leaves it with her and retreats to his room without saying anything. His eyes are still golden and he doesn't wish to scare her or say something regretful. He readies himself for bed, and sits up against the wall that he shares with Karou's room, sakabatou in hand.

** Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be clamed. Tomorrow I will apologize.**
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Kenshingumi OOC Comm May. 10th, 2004 @ 08:45 pm
Alrighty, everybody. This will look prettier pretty shortly, but for now, everyone should join:


The World Crumbles May. 10th, 2004 @ 10:47 pm
Kenshin wandered back to his favorite spot next to the river. He had searched every house in Tokyo and scared half the population but still no sign of Kaoru. His eyes sparkled in a dark gold and his whole body screamed tension. In a desperate attempt to calm down, he began to think outloud.

I cannot find Kaoru. She is not in the city. I haven't found a ransom note or any signs that she's been abducted. So this leads me to believe she's either dead or she's left me.

Kenshin crumbled to the ground, his eyes clearing to a dark violet. He laid there on the ground, staring unfocused at the river.

She left Sessha... Sessha stayed away too long and Sessha broke her heart, and she left Sessha for someone else. Or she left to find Sessha and someone killed her. Shessha has lost her, and this time it's for good....

Tears begin to fall from Kenshin's eyes as the sun sets and the darkness surrounds him.
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May. 10th, 2004 @ 07:36 pm

ok, Kaoru (raccoon_girl) and Tae (miss_tae) are back, sorry i have been gone so long

ok, just thought id tell ya all, now, read the post below this one because its more importan XD
Other entries
» OOC - Irasshai!
A hearty welcome to our new players:

Tomoe's player approached me with an interesting concept, a la Jinchuu, and I'm really excited to see how it plays out.

ALSO: I'm thinking of starting another community just for OOC posting. We have this feature in another of my RPGs and it seems to work well--we'd still keep the Yahoo!Group, but this would make it a little less labor-intensive to communicate since its a matter of already being logged in so we might be more prone to developing relationships and planing game play, etc.

I would really appreciate your participation in the following poll:

Should I create an attached LJ comm for OOC communication?

Would you use it? :-P

Questions, comments, concerns (250 chars here, or leave a comment)

P.S. it might also be worthiwhile to contribute your thoughts on the possibility of moving our game to GreatestJournal--they have a BBS and internal e-mail environment which could proove useful. Just a thought, though, there are a lot of pros and cons, one con being the trouble of everyone moving their character(s) to a new service....

Thank you! and Happy playing!
» OOC:
Hello guys. I'm Katt, age 18, and I get to roleplay the lovely Yukishiro Tomoe. I'm here just to stir up trouble in Kenshin's life :D Well, not really, but here to spice some things up >:D

Pleased to meet you all <3!
» OOC :: *Luff*
Hello. I just joined up today and will be playing as Yukishiro Enishi.. and I'm a girl.. Mwahaha! Sorry Yahiko~ <333 Nice to meet you all. I can't wait to kill roleplay with everyone! It'll be a blast, I'm sure. *Wink*
» Dumm de dum dum
imaginary camera pans over the river to the bank where we find one Himura Kenshin despairing with his head between his legs

Kaoru-dono, where have you gone?? Why have you left Sessha?? Sessha looked everywhere for you, that he has...

Kenshin remains in his spot next to the river, the same spot where Jin-e had kidnapped Kaoru.. Kenshin's violet eyes darken to a deep blue as he contemplates a senario where Kaoru has once again been abducted, or even worse, killed.

As the sun starts to set over Tokyo, Kenshin rises. He stalks off with a golden gleam in his eye, prepare to find and main whomever may have stolen his Kaoru-dono.

I will find her. I will bring her back home.
» First Skirmish
It seems that things are realy happening, now. There've continued to be accidents at the site. Nobody can stop them. We have trippled the guard patrols during the night and whoever is responsible is still getting through. This morning, though, carved into the one side of the shrine we've been able to complete, was the message:

"Be prepared for the next full moon"

Really, I haven't been paying enough attention to know exactly when that is. I've sent a message to Tsunan, though.
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