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Tomoe didn't know whether to feel hostility or not, considering… - Kenshin Gumi!

About Tomoe didn't know whether to feel hostility or not, considering…

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Tomoe didn't know whether to feel hostility or not, considering Kaoru was now involved. Whoever that may be. Kneeling before Kenshin, she tried to comfort him with a smile. " I know.... this must be a shock..." She began, not knowing what she could say. She was dead, as far as anyone could be concerned. "I'm not a ghost..." Reaching her arm out to touch his shoulder, gently, brushing her fingers against the cloth. "I'm not dead." She said, blunt as could be. "I woke up. surrounded by flames and dragged myself out of..." She stopped, closing her eyes.

Painful memories. Why did she come here? She knew Kenshin must have moved on, showing herself to him was only going to cause grief and many uneasy feelings. Especially with this ...Kaoru-figure. All she knew she wanted now was her brother, the only person she knew she could have. Would his reaction be the same? Would he be frightened to see her?

Or would he actually be the one person to be glad she was alive? Opening her eyelids, she casted a look upon Kenshin, coming to the realization she should have saw so many years ago.

She was no longer a vital part of his life. He was the one who had his back to their home, walking away as she laid there, sobbing. As far as he knew, Yukishiro Tomoe had been dead.

And as for now... she may as well remain dead. Giving a solemn nod, she pushed her arms to the floor, lifting her form back up fully. Standing in front of him, her eyes remained emotionless. She wouldn't let him know how she felt. She didn't know exactly how she felt herself. She knew one thing - the one thing that shrouded her mind - and that was her brother. She needed someone, and he would be all she could have now.

"It was a mistake for me to show myself to you - still think of me as dead." She bite her lip, trying to refrain from her innermost thoughts. As you will be to me.. She gave a nod to the woman in the background, turning on her heels. "You can follow and ask questions if you like. Judging from your current condition, I doubt I matter much to bother with that." Her deliciously-cruel words tapered to Kenshin, walking out of the door and heading back towards the same path she came.

If he chose to follow and ask, maybe there would still be hope...

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