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This is just a nightmare, right? - Kenshin Gumi!

About This is just a nightmare, right?

Previous Entry This is just a nightmare, right? May. 18th, 2004 @ 12:13 am Next Entry
Kenshin laid on the floor in a complete daze. He could hear the woman's words and he understood them, but his head was spinning and he thought that maybe the world was ending,

**It has to be ending or my dead wife, the woman I killed with my own two hands, would not be standing on the front steps of Kaoru's dojo, saying she has been searching for me. Tomoe is dead. DEAD. I Killed her, I burned her. She should not be standing here.

Am I dead?? Has she come to bring me to the underworld?

Where is Kaoru?? I thought I heard her just a moment ago. She'll know what to do... she'll know. I need her... Kaoru... KAORU!!!**

Kenshin had stopped "Oro"ing, straighten himself so he was sitting against the wall, rocking back and forth slowly with his eyes shut tight, and was mumbling softly, so softly you have to strain to hear his words...

This isn't real, I'm having a nightmare. This isn't real. Kaoru... Kaoru... Where are you??
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