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Been a long time - Kenshin Gumi!

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Previous Entry Been a long time May. 17th, 2004 @ 10:05 pm Next Entry
She arched a brow at Kenshins' response, when he had opened the door. What was she expecting? A hug? A kiss? A "What the Hell just happened here?" ? Whatever response the woman had been hoping to achieve dispersed in thin air whenever Kenshin hit the ground.

He surely had changed - Tomoe noted to herself. He seemed more cheerful, and much more of a .... moron. She shifted umcomfortably in her kimono, not once releasing her gaze on him. She couldn't help but give a small smile - something someone could kill for just to see. "Are you okay?" Her voice still as gloom, despite the look she gave.

"I have been searching for you for the longest time..." Straightening herself, the smile fading back into seclusion. "Ever since I woke up and saw you walking away... I had to follow you." Her eyes shifted to the side, showing her emotional pain, the burden of losing him long ago. "I fell behind, but I kept trying to find you. And now...." Her voice trailed off, her eyes resting back on his own.
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