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Morning - Kenshin Gumi!

About Morning

Previous Entry Morning May. 17th, 2004 @ 07:13 pm Next Entry
Kenshin opens his eyes and pulls himself off of the floor, stretching his body as he stands. He replaces his sword at his waist and begins the morning chores.

After he finishes breakfast and has the table set, he softly walks to Kaoru's room to wake her, and knocks on the door.

Kaoru-dono... Breakfast is ready, that is it. As soon as you are ready to go we will leave for the onsen, that we will.

**I'll apologize when she comes out of her room** There is a knock on the door. **Who could that be this earlier in the morning. It's probably Saito, he did express some worry when I couldn't find Kaoru**

Kenshin makes his way to the door, pushing his bangs out of his eyes. He begins to slide the door open...

Ohayo, de gozaru... How can I....

Kenshin's voice drops off, in the background you can hear Kaoru's footsteps coming toward him. Kenshin takes another very long look at the woman standing before him, then collapses onto the floor...


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